If you’re an Australian investor looking for global growth opportunities in the exciting startup sector, we’re the investment team for you.

Investing locally, nationally & globally

Sprint is led by an experienced Brisbane-based investment and operations team that invests locally, nationally and globally in Industry 4.0 (automation & AI), Aged Care Tech and Health Tech.

Within our investor group there’s a close group of like minded investors collectively focused on nurturing the very best entrepreneur’s with the biggest ideas to achieve their global scale and growth goals.

Our community events

Sprint provides regular community events and forums to assist in investment education plus our unique closed network events designed solely for our investors to interact with our portfolio companies and other highly skilled partners.

Once you become a member of the Sprint Investor Group (SIG) you’ll share in all our investment resources and will receive invitations to our upcoming events.

Currently raising

We’re currently raising funds for our investment portfolio and will be investing in some of the worlds best companies from Australia and overseas. We already have serious interest in this first fund and we’ll be closing soon, so please reach out if you’re keen to join us.


Types of Funding


Includes seed and series a/b funding for equity in the business.

In return for capital to grow and scale the business, equity is taken up by the fund. The difference of us is that we are a close partner of the business and not just a funding source. Having access to experienced entrepreneurs with global scale up experience as part of the deal makes us stand out from other VCs.


Funding designed to help founders access bridging funds to scale and grow, without equity considerations.

Relatively new to Australia, venture debt funding is more like a loan and the rates are generally lower than traditional sources of funding. Normally venture debt funding is combined into a traditional venture deal allowing greater flexibility for the start up to access liquidity without large portions of their equity being used.

A note about investing

Investing in early stage and later stage startups is risky and you need to go into every investment having assessed all the risks after conducting thorough and detailed due diligence.

Not every investment produces a return and that’s why we insist our investors become skilled up in the detailed methods and techniques of investing in early stage startups.

We suggest you seek external investment, legal and financial/tax advice for any investment being considered.